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Sandra Wright Justiss


Joined 1987


Sandra Wright Justiss is a woman who wears many hats: interior decorator, liturgical artist, and doll sculptor. As a liturgical artist, she designs liturgical vestments, paints (writes) icons. As an interior designer, Sandra has designed spaces to showcase fine antiques and collections for commercial galleries, and she is currently specializing in historic interiors. Sandra, the doll artist, has taught doll making workshops, and sculpted original dolls. She has modeled dolls for special exhibits, and for sale in galleries, shops and at doll shows. As an avid lover of history, she often performs presentations as a person of the 18th century, incorporating original stories she has written into the script.

Her meticulously created one-of-a-kind dolls are realistic looking with clothing carefully researched to retain historical accuracy. The dolls are made of paperclay or similar products on a copper wire armature with a cloth body. Small, limited editions of 10 to 350 castings in porcelain are sometimes made on commission for UFDC souvenirs or other private parties. Sandra produced special limited editions for UFDC Conferences in Regions 10, 11 and 13 as well as luncheon souvenir dolls for UFDC National Conventions.

Sandra backs up her endeavors with an appropriate education within each field. Sandra has taken various courses from prestigious institutions: University of Florida, The Smithsonian, The National Cathedral, The Colonial Williamsburg Institute, West Virginia University, Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, Doll Artisan Guild; and experts in sculpting, portrait painting, calligraphy, interior design, historical interiors, antiques, liturgical arts and iconography.

Contemporary Doll Collector featured her work with an article in the Feb/March 1995 issue. Her work has also been included in both DOLLS and Doll Reader magazines. One of her dolls was on the cover of the UFDC publication, Doll News in 1984. Her work can be seen in several museums including Brunswick, GA, Nashville, TN, and in London England. Her "Portrait of Christa McCauliffe" is in the NASA Museum in Houston TX.

Sandra belongs to and actively participates in several organizations often taking office, sitting on a board of directors, and committees.

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