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Linda Kays-Biviano

Linda J. Kays-Biviano began sculpting artist character dolls in 1990, after years of sewing cloth dolls for her children as gifts. As a self taught artist, she started sculpting elder facial feature in polymer clay.

As she progressed with her artwork, Linda enrolled in sculpting classes to refine her techniques. She went to California to study mold making and rein casting from a world renowned master caster, Tom Banwell. Not only was she able to reproduce her own hand sculptured originals into limited editions, but she was able to offer casting and mold making services to doll makers and other artists. From then on a whole new market opened up to her. Linda created a website, and then her services went worldwide picking up customers in Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and Japan.

Linda J. Kays-Biviano' s creations have been featured in many international magazines. Her life-size Grouch Marx was in a Home Theater magazine, while her dolls were featured in Doll Life, Doll Crafter, Doll Reader, and Contemporary Doll Magazines.

Christmas time is when Linda enjoys creating Elves and Santa's. After the Christmas rush, she creates her next favorite characters; whimsical and mischievous fantasy elfin and gnome characters. Each piece will make you smile.

All the characters, whether hand sculpted, one of a kind (polymer clay) or a cast resin or silicone, starts with a handmade body of a wire skeleton that is wrapped in foam and batting and covered in a body stocking. Linda creates their outfits with vintage fabrics and recycled clothing for a realistically worn look. The characters have Germany glass eyes or handmade and painted eyes. They have hair and beards of different types of sheep or goat fleece. Some of the limited resin cast elves may have the same head, but you will need to look close, as there are never two "exactly alike."

In 2010, Linda began creating life size Santa's for commercial holiday decor, partnering up with another Santa artist, Margaret Kreiner. Their Santa's have traveled the world and can be seen at holiday times in Malls at Johnson City, New York; Vietnam; and Puerto Rico.

In 2012, Linda began to experiment in creating "Steam Punk" characters. One of her very first creations, "The Time Traveler", was featured on the cover of Steam Punk Magazine. In addition to The Time Traveler, her "Key Master" was also featured in the magazine. New to this genre is her "Big Face" Steam Punk Characters. These out of proportion characters are designed incorporating vintage finds that enhance their spirit and character.

Linda gives character sculpting classes throughout the year at a local Art Studio in downtown Norwich, NY. These are very affordable sessions targeting students new to the "other" world of doll making!

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