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Flo Hanover


Joined 2009

I grew up in Amsterdam, New York. As a child I was always drawing and painting and could get lost in my own world while working on a project. I loved making things.

It wasn't until I moved to Boston to attend college that I considered a degree in Art and a career in teaching. I had fun teaching high school Art, taking classes in various media, while passing along my passion for weaving, enameling and pottery to my students. I currently live in Massachusetts, about 20 miles from Boston.

I first saw hand made artist dolls at a show and I was fascinated. Many of the attending artists graciously offered information and encouragement. I bought sculpting books and experimented. Polymer clay became my creative outlet and my avenue into the doll world.

I was very active in The Academy of American Doll Artists (AADA) where founders Joyce Miko and Janet Bosworth gave me the opportunity to participate in national doll shows. I took classes, observed other talented artists' methods and exhibited my dolls at Toy Fair and Expo East. After the demise of AADA, Maryanne Oldenburg and Diane Keeler included me in their shared booth for several shows.

Working from photographs, I sculpt the little faces by hand. Each is the result of the effort of the moment. Wigs are made of mohair and styled to suit the character of each doll. Each costume is created for a specific doll and often made special by the addition of antique or vintage elements, making the costumes as unique as the dolls themselves.


  • 2010- "Angelina Ballerina" was nominated for the DOLLS Award of Excellence.

  • 2008 - "Deirdre" won the DOTY Award. "Corinne" was nominated for the DOLLS Award of Excellence.

  • 2007 - "Ellie and Liz, There is no Friend Like a Sister" won the DOLLS Award of Excellence. "Kayla" was a nominee in another category.

  • 2003 - "Clara and the Nutcracker" won the DOLLS Award of Excellence.

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