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Charlie Patricolo

I am lucky enough to get to spend my time making dolls and teaching doll making in this phase of my life.

I have a past life – in the computer industry but left that behind in 1990.

I began making dolls as a teen but then went on to have a "normal life". After a divorce and decision to avoid going back to the world of technology, I was searching for my next chapter. I rediscovered doll making and have not looked back. I found myself at John C. Campbell Folk School in western North Carolina. The instructor was Dee Dee Triplett and she was pivotal in my career as a doll maker and instructor. I spent the next few years bouncing back and forth from Michigan and North Carolina, finally relocating to NC. I now teach there and at quilt shops from Michigan to Florida. I focus on classes that beginners can handle while providing enough freedom for the returning students. I can just say that I am very fortunate to have a life I love!!

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