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Theresa May


Joined 2010

Theresa's one-of-a-kind art dolls are explorations of color and pattern and emotion that represent a holistic attempt to reaffirm human connections to larger worlds, both real and imagined. She uses a variety of materials—new and vintage fabrics and trim, polymer clays, air dry clays, beads and buttons, and a number of surface applications including paint, pastels, chalk, stamping, stickers, collage, and decoupage—and employs numerous techniques to realize her designs.

She began working in clay and fabric as a child and through the years has found expression in many genres, including toy making, miniatures, music, performance, writing, and costume.


During the 1980s her miniatures and teddy bears have been featured in the books The All American Teddy Bear by Sammie Chambliss, and Teddy Bear Artists by Carol-Lynn Rössel Waugh. In addition, she was poster artist for The Teddy Tribune convention two consecutive years.

During the 1990s she was a professional costume designer for more than 100 shows. After retiring from performing and costuming in 2006, she returned to doll making and plans to pursue that full time when she retires from her day job in a few years.
Theresa has a BA and master's level work in art history and post-baccalaureate work in applied piano. She is a book publisher and a published poet and has also received awards as part of a songwriting/playwriting team, as well as several award nominations for her costume design. She is delighted to be part of three dynamic organizations, Central Texas Art Doll Sculptors, Texas Association of Original Doll Artists, and now ODACA.

Theresa's work in publishing and children's theatre has opened her eyes to the world's stories. Through her dolls, she hopes to share her own stories and to encourage others to tell theirs. She lives and works in Austin, Texas, with her husband and long-time dance partner, Juan Miranda.

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