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Rebecca Biedermann

Joined 1980

I live with my husband, Greg, on ten beautiful acres nestled in the rolling valleys of the St. Croix River that runs along the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. We make our home in an English cottage style timber frame we helped to build. It is surrounded by several cottage gardens brimming with Roses, Hollyhock and Mallow to name a few. We share our home with our wrinkled Chinese Shar-Pei dogs and our Old English Miniature Baby Doll Sheep that we raise as our pets. Here, I actively pursue and enjoy my loves: children, art, dolls, and animals. I'm happy to share that my doll sculptures were awarded 2 Doll Reader Magazine DOTY Award Nominations in 2006. I also received DOLLS Magazine Award of Excellence nominations in 2006 and 2008.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to draw, paint and sculpt. And, for just as long, I have loved dolls. I was intrigued with the human form. As a little girl I would examine my dolls carefully, trying to understand how they were made. I'd re-paint or re-sculpt them over. I'd re-do them in my own way. I would also study the illustrations in my picture books. I remember being fascinated by the many ways and styles of how our world was depicted.

As a young person, I went on to study at St. Cloud State University in pursuit of a Comprehensive Fine Arts Degree in art, after which I married and began my new life.

In 1980, I was asked to join the prestigious ODACA organization where at the time I worked in the mediums of porcelain, wood putty, resin, and cloth. Eventually, I discovered the polymer clays and it became the medium that best served my creative style. I have most recently been working in resin and platinum silicone. At the same time I was sculpting dolls I also was a freelance artist doing illustration, graphic art, sculpture and portraiture as well as raising and enjoying my family.

Greg and I have 3 wonderful children; our 2 lovely daughters, Nicole and Mariah and our beautiful 16 year-old son Gabriel (who now is in Heaven) but is ever with us in Spirit. We have 2 precious grandaughters, Makensie and Samantha, and 2 equally precious grandsons, Alec and little Milo. What a joy and inspiration they all have been for me in my work.

Helping me to rebound from the loss of my son Gabriel, the dolls have been calling me back to them. These realistic, soulful children and babies of all races and ethnic groups have helped me to heal and grow.

I would only hope that my fine art doll sculptures bring as much joy, hope and healing to those who see them, as they do to me who creates them. This is my fervent prayer.

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