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Lillian Alberti

I have been creating art dolls for over twenty-five years. My dolls are all one-of-a-kind and sculpted from various paper clays (Cellu-clay, LaDoll stone weight and LaDoll Premier) layered over a wire and cloth armature. Capturing realism is not my goal nor do I try to create the perfect face; I enjoy seeing unusual facial characteristics that, though not always considered "attractive," are the essence of what makes us individuals.

After sculpting and painting the facial details and completing the dolls bodies, I use the skills gathered from my years as a fashion designer to costume the dolls. Each doll comes with a personalized story tag that tells its own unique story.

I have always been fond of children's books and fairy tales and feel they have greatly influenced my work. I am also inspired by the simple beauty of robin's eggs...such a lovely color! Perhaps it's because they're so fragile yet they hold such precious life within. Whatever the reason, I find them delightful and they appear often in my work. Making dolls has been such joy and I've been fortunate to have had my work featured in various doll related publications.

I am very thankful for the constructive criticism I sought from well known professionals in the art doll community. Their suggestions have inspired me to push my imagination and hone my craft. Because of this, I have seen my art dolls evolve dramatically over the last few years. Recently, I have had the joy of teaching workshops and meeting fellow doll makers across the country. The joy of sharing the doll making experience has made my doll journey more fulfilling than ever!

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