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Marguerite Noschehe

Joined 2020

Marguerite Surich Noschese 

My Witchy Women


Sculpting, painting, sewing, and design are my life passions and doll making encompasses all four!  Through the years I have worked as a commissioned children portrait artist in pastels, been an avid quilter, an antique doll dealer and dabbled in interior design.  I began doll making ten years ago as an offshoot of quilting after taking a cloth doll class with Eleanor Peace Bailey. 


  Enchanted from childhood with Halloween I have used that sense of childhood magic as a focus for my dolls.  My doll creations are combinations of all the treasures I have found throughout my travels. Antique laces from Paris, ribbons and scraps of vintage quilts from my many antiquing jaunts throughout places like New Orleans, Mississippi and New England.  I try to capture a little of the spirit of Halloween in my creations by combining the whimsical, the scary, and the humorous. I enjoy the detail work of doll making and try to include the tiniest detail in each work - even when I know that such detail (especially undergarments) may not be noticed - I know that my doll has been crafted to the best of my abilities.


I have shown my work as a participating artist at: Spirits in Sanford, Halloween & Vine, Hallowbaloo, and Quinlan Art Shows and will be a participating artist at Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween in 2021.  I am a member of the Professional Doll Makers Guild founded by Jack Johnston. I also participate at a number of Seasonal Art Shows in the New York area and sell my dolls through my Facebook website and other internet art forums.  All of my work is held in private collections.


I have been featured in Art Doll Quarterly, Spellery Magazine, Dolls Magazine and International Doll Artists Magazine.  I have been awarded the 2020 1st place award for Character Doll by Dolls Magazine, 2019 Gaudir Alicante 1st Place Award for Fantasy in the International Doll Artist Competition in Spain, the 2019 and 2020 1st Place Gold Award in the Professional Category for Character Dolls, 2018 and 2020 Helen Bullard Artist Doll Award for Excellence, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Gold Award for Professional Doll Artists, 2017 Gold Award for Professional Doll Artists, 2016 Judges Choice - Outstanding Artistry ID&TS, 2016 Holiday Challenge Award PDMAG. My work is on display at the Quinlan Art Museum in California. Was awarded the title of Master Artist in 2020 by the Professional Doll Artist Guild.


       I am a patron of NIADA and have shown my work as a visiting artist at the 2012 and 2018 NIADA Conferences.


I have had the privilege to work with master doll artists such as E.J. Taylor, Marlaine Verhelst, Ankie Daanen, Reina Mia Brill, Connie Smith, and others.  The doll community has become my extended family and I continue to learn something new every day from these awe inspiring artists.

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