ODACA Day 1998

ODACA Day Luncheon 1998: Le Petit Bon Bon

1998 Souvenir Doll
A porcelain miniature lady by Joan Benzell
Received complete with a fancy dress in cream silk and a travel box to decorate. Dress pattern by Susan Sirkis (1998 value: $75)

ODACA Day 1998
by Nellie J. Lamers, Aux-ODACA Chairman and Expressions: Fall 1998

ODACA Day this year was sold out with eighty present and it was a wonderful success! Four new Artist members were welcomed at the luncheon: Bethomas, Marilynn Huston, Jean D. Lotz, and Millie Wilcoxson.

The 1998 Luncheon theme was "Le Petit Bon Bon" so chocolates were everywhere! Susan Sirkis was the guest speaker. Susan showed slides of petite dolls posed around chocolate confections. The corsages were made of Hershey's kisses! And then we found that the table centerpieces were filled with gourmet chocolates! It was enough to drive a chocoholic to tears and salivation! Joann A. Miller gave the invocation and for lunch we enjoyed a petit filet mignon, potatoes, veggies, roll and dessert.

We were honored to have the following VIP's at our luncheon this year: Lynn Murray, President of UFDC; Becky Moncrief, 2nd Vice President of UFDC; Virginia Heyerdahl, Doll Reader and Dodi Becker, ODACA Newsletter editor. New Artists and new Officers were introduced - congratulation to all!

Many thanks from ODACA to all of the following Artists and others who donated helpers. They include: Betsey Baker, Ann Berry, Maralyn Christoffersen, Kathi Clarke, Mary Emily Davisson, Adele Doerge, Dolls Magazine, Ann Gallamore, Sherry Goshon, Sandra Wright Justiss, Bill Kilburn, Kathryn Williams Kluhsman, Joann A. Miller, Kazue Morai, Maryanne Oldenburg, Scott Publications, Myra Sherrod, and Gloria Winer.

Donations were received from: Sherry Goshon, the paper doll favor; Joann A. Miller, candy favor; Scott Publications / Contemporary Doll Collector, Ruth McKeessen, Managing Editor, magazines.

There were many dolls and doll related items offered in the 'Helper Raffle. The lucky winners were chosen near the close of the luncheon. Each of the luncheon guests then received a gift bag and souvenir: a Joan Benzell miniature porcelain lady doll with a dress pattern by Susan Sirkis, a paper doll by Sherry Goshon and more!

A luncheon as special as ODACA's could not be done without the assistance of volunteers. This year they included: Gwen Campbell, Norma Fultz, Doris & Elmer Gerhart for setting up the helpers; Joan Thompson for putting together and setting up centerpieces; Ann Gallamore and Ann Gillott for selling helper tickets; working at the salesroom entrance table and the information booth inside the salesroom were: Mary Emily Davisson, Adele Doerge, Joann Miller, John and Jo Pearson, Larry Bramel and Maralyn Christoffersen; and to John and Jo Pearson and Mary Emily Davisson for help in various ways. If someone was missed, our apologies. We thank you all for your generous support and assistance.

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