All guests attending ODACA Day Luncheons are delighted to take home these beautiful Souvenir Dolls. Guests also have the opportunity to be lucky winners of Table Centerpieces.

ODACA Day Souvenir Dolls and Centerpieces are produced in limited editions.
Year Souvenir Doll Artist
1987 Christmas Bell Martha Martin
Limited Edition of 50. Currier & Ives style lady made into the shape of a porcelain bell to hang on a xmas tree. The dolls were made in 50 different color combinations so everyone would have a one of a kind.

1988 Angel Tree Topper Anne Lauree Leonard
7" Angel with porcelain face and arms half-way up. It even has little painted nails. The body is a styrofoam cone covered with lace for her dress. Labels and Markings: Anaheim 1988 written on the bottom and holds a little gold tag with ODACA on the front and ODACA day 1988 on the back.

1992 Alice in Wonderland's
White Rabbit
Kathi Clarke
Limited Edition of 100. Labels and Markings: Name tag- Kathi Clarke Originals and a Gold medallion indicating ODACA

1993 Ribbons & Lace Anne Berry
Susie doll. All bisque with movable arms, dressed in a ribbon adorned with lace

1994 Victorian Christmas Susan Dunham

1995 Schools Days Beverly Stoehr
School girl with porcelain head, arms and legs on cloth body, presented in printed cloth bag.

1996 Baby Shower Brenda Stewart
An anatomically correct all bisque baby boy about 5 inches in length. It came dressed in a little blue and white print sleeper and a blanket. Joann Miller made the clothes. Labels and Markings: Original Brenda Stewart, ODACA Day 1996, No# (edition number). It is marked on the shoulder.

1997 Bridal Tea Kathi Clarke
Cloth Bride doll dressed in wedding gown complete with veil and bouquet. Labels and Markings: Name tag- Kathi Clarke Originals and a Gold medallion indicating ODACA

1998 A Petit BonBon Joan Benzell
Miniature Fashion Lady with porcelain head, arms and legs on a cloth body, dressed in simple chemise and presented with patterns by Susan Sirkis in plain oval box (the box could be decorated by the collector)

1999 Bounty of the Nile Kathryn Kluhsman
"Cleopatra" a composition doll jointed only at the shoulder. Unfortunately Kathryn Williams Kluhsman passed away in 1999. Many tears fell as we unwrapped our ODACA souvenirs knowing this was Kathy's last doll.

2000 The Eternal Childhood Sherry Goshon
Cloth Baby with handmade Quilt

2001 A Pocket Full of Starlite! Maryanne Oldenburg
Resin little girl doll sitting in a champaign glass celebrating ODACA's bithday

2002 Blue Bird of Happiness Pattie Bibb
Flumo cast bird

2002 Centerpiece Celebration Natalia Pobedina
Russian artist, Natasha Pobedina, created an exciting special edition doll, "Celebration", a stunning centerpiece for each table. She was dressed in bright red silk, velvet and feathers, with her hair pulled up high in a swirl on top of her head.

2003 Marie Laveau Elizabeth Jenkins
Resin 12" protrait figure representing a famous New Orleans "Voodoo Queen" from the turn of the 20th century.

2003 Centerpiece Pappilion Gillie Charleson
A stunning porcelain woman / butterfly spreding her wings.

2004 Lily Capezio Bethomas
Charmingly whimisical 8" pink fairy ballerina marionette complete with custom box.

2004 Centerpiece Jester Mary West - Aux Member
Delightful cloth jester created in a circus theme.

2005 Pop-Up Jester Robin Foley

2005 Centerpiece --- Pattie Bibb

2006 Dorothy Christine Shively
Christine's cloth interpretation of "Dorothy" from "The Wizard of Oz."

2006 Centerpiece Storybook Doll Sandra Wright Justiss
Each created in Liquiche this centerpiece design was inspired by a 1940 celluloid doll.

2007 Harmonia Mary West - Aux Member
A Renaissance inspired miniature doll.

2007 Centerpiece Ballerina Music Box Sonja Bryer
Each sculpted in composition.

2008 First Recital Maryanne Oldenburg
10" vinyl doll representing a seven year old girl ready for her first recital.

2008 Centerpiece Untitled Deanna Hogan
Cloth with needle sculpted faces and fingers. Each was costumed and wigged in different color schemes.

2009 Gracie Randi Taylor
Polymer clay.

2009 Centerpiece The Fairy Godmother Stevi T.
16" resin face and hands with a cloth body over a wire armature. Wig made from 100% Suri Alpaca. OOAK wings.

2010 Untitled Sandra Wright Justiss
Native American Baby on Cradle Board.

2010 Centerpiece Untitled Robert Zacher
Native American Bears

2011 Untitled Unknown

2011 Centerpiece Untitled Unknown

2012 Untitled Adele Sciortino
Masked Face

2012 Centerpiece Untitled Various Artists
Dolls dressed in Masquerade Costumes

2013 Untitled Martha Washington

2013 Centerpiece Untitled Various Artists
Dolls of Famous Americans

2014 Untitled Angela Jarecki

2014 Centerpiece My Journey Sarah Maldonado
Porcelain dolls dressed in 1890s traveling costumes

2015 Acrobatic Clowns Barbara Schoenoff
Clowns in 5 acrobatic poses

2015 Centerpiece Troll Clowns Ute Vasina
Trolls dressed in various tramp clown costumes

2016 Queen of Hearts Guards Christine Shively-Benjamin
Playing card soldiers
2016 Centerpiece Alice in Wonderland Lillian Alberti
Alice in pinafore & top hat
2017 Confection Elves Joyce Patterson
Chocolate candies of various holidays.
2017 Centerpiece Chocolate Indulgence Stephen Alan Rausch
The deadly sins of the ladies of leisure brought about by chocolate indulgence. The ladies are dressed in costumes of 1910-1914.

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