Each year the original doll artists are featured in a day long celebration that is known as ODACA Day. This special day is held annually on the first Sunday of the annual United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) national convention at the same location as the convention. ODACA wishes to thank the United Federation of Doll Clubs for the strong support that this organization has given to ODACA.

Click on the links below to view past ODACA days.

ODACA Day 2017

Theme: Life is Like a Box of Chocolate

ODACA Day 2016

Theme: Down the Rabbit Hole

ODACA Day 2015

Theme: Under the Big Top

ODACA Day 2014

Theme: The Creative Journey

ODACA Day 2013

Theme: Making History

ODACA Day 2007

Theme: Let There be Music

ODACA Day 2006

Theme: Once Upon a Time

ODACA Day 2002

Theme: Day by Day ... a lifetime of moments

ODACA Day 2001

Theme: Pocket Full of Starlight

ODACA Day 2000

Theme: Eternal Childhood

ODACA Day 1999

Theme: The Bounty of the Nile

ODACA Day 1998

Theme: Le Petit Bon Bon

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