ODACA Day 2015
Kansas City, MO

Toasty, warm, burning, scorching, boiling, blistering, sizzling, searing, fiery, steamy, muggy, sultry… I think you get the idea…. it was hot in Kansas City. For those of us who ventured to our annual ODACA Day convention the motivation to stay in the comfort of the Downtown Marriott Hotel was rather intense.

However, staying put and partaking of the hotel restaurant also gave our members the opportunity to spend time in laughter, friendship and the sharing of creative ideas. There is something to be said for taking a moment after business is conducted to catch up with longtime friends. As our world becomes congested with all the various tasks we must accomplish in our day, catching up with our colleagues who share our passion for doll art renews our creative spirit. It is our chance to reconnect with our friends, long supportive patrons and collectors. Laughter and connection to our passion for our art form were common threads throughout our short time in Kansas City.

It was a great pleasure for ODACA to welcome a new member. Rhonda King brought her beautiful dolls for her final viewing before becoming our newest artist member. Hailing from Missouri, she brought beautiful work for her final critique. It was a thrill to see that she had a very satisfying sales day… and even won one of the centerpiece dolls. Welcome Rhonda!

With a theme of Under the Big Top there would be no doubt that a colorful and fanciful annual gathering would be enjoyed by all. A fun and whimsical souvenir doll created by Barbara Schoenoff was presented in popcorn boxes. It was big hit. Barbara's doll had three different poses. Super cute and fun. Ute had the most amazing selection of Troll clowns for our centerpiece dolls. Each had it's own personality, but all connected by colors, patterns and playful attitude. Outstanding job by both of our artist members.

Brenda Gehl drove from Alma Wisconsin to attend ODACA Day and present our program this year. It is rare that we get to see into the creative process. So this was a unique treat to peek into how Brenda's mind works. Storytelling intertwines with the three dimensional forms on a grand scale. The display items she brought with her were inspiring and unique to the way Brenda navigates in her special world. It was unlike any program we have ever had. The collective Ooohs and Ahs as she placed the striped tent top on to the wooden frame of her "Big Top" was experienced by all. The support and hard work of one of our members, Stephen Alan Rausch was rewarded as our Sweetheart for this year. Thank you Stephen for the endless work you do on Expressions and our website. A true Sweetheart! Please take a good look through and read this newsletter. An unusual proposal by our 2nd VP Barbara Schoenoff will need to be reviewed by our members. So do be sure to take a look and send the Board your assessment for her idea.

ODACA Day Highlights

President Linda Willins

Sweetheart Award Recepient
Stephen Alan Rausch

The ODACA Day Luncheon,
the highlight of the day.

Brenda Gehl entertaining
luncheon guests with her program.

A Luncheon Guest
with raffle tickets

Helper Donations

Helper Donations

Helper Donations

Helper Items for the luncheon raffel
donated by artist and patron members
some of the lucky winners.

Artists and Guests enjoying
the displays & commraderie
in the
ODACA Sales Room

And no matter how busy
we may be
there is always time
for a bit of fun.


Photos courtesy of Deanna Hogan

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