Original Doll Artist Council of America
Original Doll Artist Council of America Sales Room Contract
Terms and Conditions of Exhibitor Contract

All Active Artist Members (“exhibitors”) participating in the ODACA Sales Room (the “Show”) are required to collect all applicable State and/or Local Sales Tax. ODACA will provide additional information about the applicable sales tax rates and remitting sales tax collected, but ODACA shall not be responsible to collect or remit any tax for an exhibitor.

ODACA shall not assume any responsibilities or be liable in the event of fire, theft, breakage or any damage to you or your property. By signing below, each exhibitor does hereby release and agree to indemnify ODACA from liability due to any injury sustained before, during or after termination of the Show, by the exhibitor, the exhibitor’s helpers or members of the exhibitor’s family.

In accordance with Operating Resolution #21, the work an exhibitor will display or offer for sale at the Show will represent the exhibitor’s commitment to the art of original art doll making in accordance with ODACA’s purpose as stated in ODACA’s Bylaws, Article IV. All work displayed or offered for sale will be of the highest quality of workmanship expected of an ODACA Artist Member. Each exhibitor understands that ODACA reserves the right to require removal of any work from the Show which ODACA, in its sole discretion, believes to exhibit poor or degraded workmanship and, if requested, each exhibitor agrees to remove such work.

Each exhibitor understands and agrees to comply with the requirement that 75% of the work displayed must be original work that is designed and executed by the exhibitor. The remaining 25% may be editions that have been created from the exhibitor’s original work as stated in Operating Resolution #7 and/or doll-related supplies and handmade doll-related items created by the exhibitor, including patterns and tools. Commercially-produced supplies may not be sold.

ODACA reserves the right to refuse sales space to anyone who does not comply with any and all conditions of this contract and/or who is in violation of the ODACA Bylaws. All exhibitors are required to attend ODACA’s Annual Luncheon to be permitted to exhibit in the Show.

To reserve your sales table space, payment in full along with a completed and signed Sales Room Contract must be received by ODACA’s Treasurer fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the Show. Space will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Remember, you must attend the ODACA Day Luncheon to exhibit in the Sales Room.

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IMPORTANT: ALL Sales Room participants must download and mail a completed and signed Sales Room Contract to ODACA's Treasurer prior to ODACA Day even when making payment by PayPal.

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