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Name: Anne Luree Leonard (1976 ODACA Artist)
Address: PO Box 277164
Sacramento, CA 95827
Mediums: Fimo®, Cernit®, Super Sculpey®
Phone: 916.363.5733
Fax: n/a
Web Site:
Notes: n/a


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Anne has made dolls of historical figures such as Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, and Uncle Sam. There is a long list of replicas available for which she takes orders. Her kewpies are original copyrighted replicas of some of the best loved kewpies. Among her original dolls she has a series of international children rpresenting three races, English, Oriental and Black.

Anne makes all of her doll heads, arms and legs of porcelain. Many of the smaller dolls are all porcelain with larger dolls having bodies of cloth. The dolls range in size frmo 3" to 42" but most often fall within the range of 10 to 16". She pays special attendtion to the hands and fingers, ften designing them to hold objects. The hair is often molded but she also uses human hair wigs. Eyes are either painted or made of glass.

"My dolls come from all kinds of sources. I started with portrait dolls, made characters from television shows, fiction, and some just evolve on their own and surprise me. I use oil clay or Sculpey® for the model, make my own plaster molds. I do all of my own work. I don't outsource anything."

"I have made dolls from 42" tall (one of a kind) to 1/2". My favorite scale changes with what I am doing. Right now my favorite is 5" to 11". I enjoy the design/sculpting phase of the doll creation process the best followed by the painting."

"I do not compete much, but I have won awards in the past. I have dolls in a few small museums. I also designed 36 dolls for an international company several years ago, and about 20,000 of them were sold in the US."

"I was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Reno Nevada. I think any talent I have was inherited from my Grandfather who was a marble sculptor. Unfortunately, I never knew him. I have not had any formal art training. I've only taken a few classes with various teachers. NIADA artist, Magge Head, was one of the most influential."

"I believe my work is constantly improving. And naturally, I hope my customers will like and treasure their dolls I have made."

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